One of the fundamental duties for a Ricotta cheese lover is to relish every bite of loaded cheese on burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese many more dishes.

If you agree with us on the same logic, we are certain that you would not skip the best ways of preserving your Ricotta Cheese.

During our research, we have come across the fact that saving ricotta cheese is something people have not been able to process.

 can you freeze ricotta cheese

So, a lot of people ask the same question ‘can ricotta cheese be frozen? And how can I freeze ricotta cheese?’

Therefore, the answer to your question is a big ‘YES’ but the thing is that it is not that simple task. There are certain restrictions and certain parameters to follow to save ricotta cheese.

So, after investing your little time in this read, you will be able to freeze ricotta cheese and your thoughts on ‘how can I freeze ricotta cheese?’ will certainly disappear.


Ricotta cheese is seen in the favorite list of many people, however, at the same time, it is considered as the worst cheese to freeze. As a result, many people give second thoughts before buying.

But, does it mean it’s impossible?

Let’s find out some crucial details on preserving the cheese in the best possible way.

Freezing Ricotta Cheese Time Limit

 Ricotta cheese comes up with a lot of different theories when it comes to preserving them well. And one of the major concerns we have come up here is how long is frozen cheese good for?’

So, for that, here is the answer we found for you!

Ricotta cheese lasts for 3 months if properly preserved.

Wondering, what does it exactly mean?

Here we go with some major points you need to consider:

 can you freeze ricotta cheese
  • One of the main factors is based on the storage conditions to maximize the shelf life of opened ricotta cheese. You need to keep it refrigerated at all times.
  • A must-do thing to preserve ricotta cheese after opening is by keeping the ricotta cheese refrigerated and tightly covered.
  • Make sure you preserve it in the original packaging or in an airtight container.

And ta-da!

You can now keep it in the best quality for 3 months and longer.

Moving ahead, let us know more of its theories!

Making Cheesy Ricotta Cheese

Deliciousness comes with graciousness and so we give you the delightful recipe and hope you cook in a gracious way to bring out the best of ricotta cheese.

Wondering, how does ricotta cheese need to be cooked?

Ricotta cheese is basically used in baked foods so it is not necessary to cook. But if you want to give it your signature taste, you can certainly cook ricotta cheese that only takes about half an hour.

Starting with,

  • You need to bring the milk almost to a simmer.
  • The next thing you need to do is add lemon juice or vinegar and
  • Let it sit while you work on the rest of dinner.
  • Now in another 10 minutes goes into straining the curds, and then the ricotta is ready it at its best form.

Furthermore, his process for making ricotta work best is by using whole milk. But here is a deal!

One thing that is necessary to make note of is that to avoid nonfat milk, as there is less milk fat left in the milk to separate into curds.

Moving ahead, let us get ready to strain it.


 can you freeze ricotta cheese

Do You Know, Why Do You Strain Ricotta Cheese?

You might think why is it even necessary to strain ricotta cheese?

But it is!

This process keeps the ricotta cheese and the food from becoming watery and from destroying the texture. And so we can say that straining the ricotta cheese is the matter of making it or break it!

Having said, that let us find out the right ways to do that.

How To Strain Ricotta Cheese?

So, here we go with simple steps:

  • Place the strainer over a bowl
  • then line it with a cheesecloth and pour the ricotta cheese.
  • Loosely cover the bowl and rest it in the refrigerator.
  • Let the ricotta cheese strain for at least 8 hours.

And now, time to dream about the outcome!

We know, it’s earlier said than done. But, we are here at your convenience.

Let us suggest to you the quickest way now

What Is the Fastest Way to Strain Ricotta Cheese?

Well, just like the method, the answer lies in one word and that is:

With The Cheesecloth!

But, we know what you are thinking here, it is not easy to get cheesecloth. But does that mean, there is no way out?

Keep reading!

 ricotta cheese

How Do You Strain Ricotta Cheese Without a Cheesecloth?

The best way to strain without cheesecloth would be to replace the cheesecloth with strong paper towels and these paper towels are vividly available.

So now with paper towels, it is not the same as it is with cheesecloth.

You must definitely want to know how do you strain ricotta with paper towels?

  • Place a strainer over the bowl of ricotta cheese in such a way that there is at least an inch or two of space under the strainer and above the bowl.
  • Then place the paper towels over the strainer

And, this is how you can strain the ricotta with paper towels.

Now, when you are set with cooking ways, straining ways, would not like to know more ways to use it?

If yes, let us get ready with some fun ways of using the ricotta cheese


How To Use Ricotta Cheese?

The right way to use ricotta cheese is by smearing it and preserving it. The ricotta cheese can be smeared almost over anything for an easy meal.

  • You can even use it for topping dessert.
  • Bake a cheesecake
  • Spread it on Pizza
  • Make it a pungent tart and slather on vegetables
  • Replace it with yogurt and add fruits and honey

Well, there are so many fun ways to relish the cheese.

Isn’t it!

Let us know if you have more recipes in mind!

With that, now you need to know more about the leftovers, After all, we know you don’t like waste!

ricotta cheese

What To Do with Leftover Ricotta Cheese?

Moving into the preservation of the ricotta cheese, you can freeze ricotta cheese without altering the flavor, and here are some certain things that must be handled.

As the ricotta cheese has high moisture contents, the water present in the ricotta cheese will become ice once it’s frozen this causes the texture of the ricotta cheese to change.

Due to the dominance of curds in the ricotta cheese, if water is frozen, they get divided by the ice causing the cheese to become dry and crumble in texture.

To make this texture difference less noticeable in your dishes, only use previously frozen ricotta in cooked dishes.

 If your recipe is uncooked or specifically calls for fresh ricotta cheese, it’s best to not use previously frozen.


Most people don’t know how ricotta cheese can be preserved. But, the freezing of the ricotta cheese is a process that comes in handy. Hope you make tasty use of ricotta cheese and our information.

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