‘The olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven.’’ The undeniable truth isn’t but do olives go bad

Let’s find out!

How much do you like olives? Do you have an olive plant in your backyard? Do you regularly use them in your food? 

We know you do that. So, tell us, how exactly do you like using it? Eating black and green olives semi or fully cooked or using olive oil while cooking?

Now you must be wondering why are we asking you such questions, right? Well, the main reason we are asking you these questions is because we have some very important piece of information to share with you.

Now, let’s come to the main point of this discussion. 

  • Have you ever thought about olives going bad? Have you ever asked this question to anyone that do olives go bad
  • Or do olives expire? 
  • And every other important question related to olives like how long do olives last in the fridge
  • Or why are there white spots on olives

We know we have left you wondering and concerning with our questions and now you are looking for the answers.

 We are glad that we raise this important topic for you and you will be glad after knowing that we have got all the answers for you for all the questions we have asked above and not juts that but we have many more queries and their solutions waiting to be read by you.

So, brace yourself and start reading!

Olive Under the Microscope

Let’s start with the most important and most common question related to olives, how long do olives last and everything related to the life of olives.

do olives expire
do olives expire
  • How long do olives last?

Let’s understand how long are olives good for with a small table

   Types of olive        Life span
Sealed can of olives in brineBest before 3 to 6 months
Opened can of olives in brineUp to 3 weeks
Sealed can of olives in oil1 year
Opened can of olives in oil2 to 4 weeks
How long do olives last?
  • How long can you keep olives in brine?

While an unopened can of brine olives can stay good up to 6 months, it is hight suggested that brine olives must be consumes within the 3 weeks of opening the can. 3 weeks are the safest time period to consume brine olives.

Before moving forward, tell us reader, do you know what pitted olives means? If no then try to find the answer before we come back to this topic again.

Now let’s quickly give you answer of all the questions that we put in your mind in the starting of this informative article before jumping onto the other important information related to olives that you must know.

  • Do olives go bad?

Talking about do olives expire or can they go bad, the caned/packed/sealed/preserved olives, they don’t go bad or get spoilt or suddenly change their taste for a long time. You might be shocked to know that they can stay good and fit for consumption 6 months after their best before date on the can.

Well, if you are wondering about the opened can/pack of olives, then the answer is yes! Yes, they can go bad after 3 to 4 weeks and hence must be used before that.

  • How to tell if olives are bad?

There are two ways to check if your olives have turned bad or not. the first one is by smelling them. If they are smell like rotten food, then your olives are surely bad and must not be consumed.

You can also test their condition by observing if they have white molds at the top. If they do, then consuming then can be risky for your health. 

  • Do black olives go bad?

Yes! Even black olives can go bad just like the green one if they are not stored properly. Although, they don’t go bad easily or quickly, but they do require proper storage and preservation.

how to tell if olives are bad
how to tell if olives are bad
  • How long do olives last from olive bar?

Olive bars usually have a designated shelf life and they go bad as soon as their designated time period is over. They can last up-to 3 to 10 days if stored in a refrigerator.

After completing 10 days the olive bars reach their shelf life no matter how you store them.

  • Why are there white spots on olives?

The yeast or the white spots on the skin of the olives are plantarum bacteria and are absolutely harmless for consumption. The only thing that must be taken care of is that you should know weather they are the white spots of the naturally occurring bacteria or some other bacteria has spoilt or olive that can be harmful if eaten. 

The World of Olive!

We have talked about everything related to the life and death of olives. Now let’s move forward and find out hot to store olives and also some of the health related questions that includes olives. Get, set, GO!

But before moving forward, let’s complete our discussion that is due. So, did you find the meaning of pitted olives? Still no? ok then let us help you.

Pitted means pit, an olive that has its pit, stone or central part removed is called pitted olive. After pitting the olive, they are usually filled with some other ingredients like tomato, garlic or onion etc, and are made even more delicious to eat.

Interesting isn’t it? From now, every time you will hear this term, you will already be aware of what they are talking about and you can even tell them about pitted olives in detail. Hurray! 

And now you can continue with exploring the world of olive. Happy reading.

Store me properly or loose me quick! 

  • Do olives need to be refrigerate

Believing in what the experts have to say, olives do not require to be refrigerated at all. Even after the container is opened, if olives are kept completely dipped in their brine or oil, and kept away from direct heat and sunlight, they can easily last up to 6 months at the room temperature. 

  • How long do olives last in fridge?

If opened olives are kept inside the fridge all the time, they can hold their best quality for about 12 to 18 months. Just make sure you are storing them correctly by following the directions mentioned above.

Olive and Health!

  • What happens if you eat bad olives?

We are not trying to scare you, reader, but you should know that eating bad olives can cause you stomach ache and sessions of vomiting and can also cause you nausea. But the good thing is you will get well after a few hours and you will be absolutely fine after that. 

  • Are olives bad for you?

While olives are a good source of minerals and fibers and are also low in cholesterol, you should still eat them in moderation because the salt contain in its brine is too high and is not good for your health if consumed too much.

So, the next time you think ‘are green olives bad for you’, you exactly know the answer, right?

  • Are olives poisonous?

There are too many different kinds of olives depending upon their colour and qualities. So many of them also taste bitter. But they are not poisonous at all. Just make sure you are not eating rotten or spoilt olive.

do olives need to be refrigerated
do olives need to be refrigerated


Olives are long lasting, easy to store and a non-poisonous fruit. They have too many goo minerals and fibres that are not easy to ignore and many more health benefits that are still unknown to people.They might be bitter in taste but still manage to bring sweetness in life by being such an easy-peasy daily fruit. 


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