“When life gives you lemons, they could actually be oranges.”

Orange juice is literally the best breakfast and something which even our children love to drink without giving any tantrums, isn’t it? But we all know that fruits do go bad, right? And since orange is no different than any other fruit, we can say that oranges do go bad.

But how, why, and when? There has to be some detailed information on the usage and storage of oranges that help us know more about them so that we can consume them freely.

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Do oranges go bad?

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How to tell if an orange is bad?
How long do oranges last?
Why do oranges go bad?
What to do with oranges that are going bad?
Molded oranges
How to tell if clementine is bad?
Do oranges go bad?

All this and much more is waiting to be discovered by you, come along and have a look!

How to tell if an orange is bad
How to tell if an orange is bad

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Here are all the details that an orange lover like you has been looking for, grab it and become a pro in the theory of oranges.

Can oranges go bad?

Just like we mentioned above, any fruit has the capacity to go bad after sometime and so does the oranges.

So, if you are wondering can oranges go bad? the answer is absolutely yes! They can get dry or molded after a limited period of time.

The only thing that matters is how you store them.

If you store them properly, there are hight chances that it can stay good for longer than the usual time and if stored carelessly, your oranges can go bad faster than usual.

When do oranges go bad?

Fruits and vegetables have a small shelf life and no matter how much you care for them, there is still a definite period of time for which they can last.

Although, you can extend their shelf life but that can also happen to a limit.

Here’s a table for you to understand their storage and shelf life and how long do oranges last, clearly.

          Types of Oranges          Place of Storage            Shelf Life
Whole oranges Room temperature      10 to 14 days
Whole oranges Refrigerator       20 to 30 days 
Cut orangesRefrigerator      2 to 3 days
Cut orangesRoom temperature      1 to 2 days
Do oranges go bad?

So, now you know the better storage place for oranges and also how long do oranges last at room temperature, right?

Let’s have a look at other important details.

We know that oranges can go bad. we know the time span after which they can go bad. But how to tell if an orange is bad? what change will be visible to give us that clue?

Here are your details;

Can oranges go bad
Can oranges go bad

How can you tell if an orange is bad?

There are 4 ways in which you can tell if the oranges in your fruit basket has gone.

  1. Change in smell. If they have lost the essence of their tangy and juicy smell, they have gone bad.
  2. Change in texture of the orange. If you hold it and it feels soggy or wet, the orange has lost its juice and is not too good to eat.

Oranges must be thrown out as soon as they start becoming soft.

  1. Change in visuals. If your orange looks discoloured it has started to go bad but is still safe for consumption.
  2. Molded oranges. If you see white spots on the outer skin of your oranges, they have started molding and you must throw them immediately.

Molded oranges means that fungi have stated to grow on them and soon your orange will turn green form white.

This can also be done with clementine. Do you know how to tell if a clementine is bad?

The way it looks, smells and if molds have started to appear on its surface.

What to do with oranges that are going bad?

Now what should be done with the oranges that are going bad? Make a natural cleaner out of them.

Put the peels into a jar a jar of vinegar. Leave it for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks strain the liquid 

and voila your natural cleaner is ready to be used with its natural tangy smell.

And now reader, you have become an expert in oranges, congratulations on that.

How long do oranges last
How long do oranges last


Knowing the reason behind why your oranges are turning white or changing their appearance is very crucial. Understanding their storage needs, shelf life and when they are fit or unfit for consumption is even more important. Also, using them as a natural cleaner any day, is much better than throwing them off when they are turning bad.


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