Got hold of the nutritious Pecans to snack healthy? But now worried if they have turned rancid and gone bad? Look no more. Here we are to help you know how quickly the Pecans go bad.

Aiding indigestion, and weight loss, along with anti-inflammatory and cancer-hindering properties, Pecans are rich in fiber, oleic acids, calories, and vitamins. In short, it has every essential nutrient that our body craves to remain healthy.

These nutritious nuts reigning the vitamin valley, could be a healthy topping on the cookies, munched as a healthy snack, or a delicious addition to the pies.
However, even the thought of the expensive nuts turning stale frustrates us. But, here we are to tell how to store the delicate Pecans to prevent them from going bad.

Without any further ado let’s jump into the information-rich article about the shelf-life and storage of Pecans and how to tell if the Pecans go bad.

Shelf-Life Of Pecans:

Proper storage of these pricey nuts is as important as introducing them to our daily diets to increase their shelf life. 

Do Pecans Go Bad
Shelf-Life Of Pecans:

With that being said, if you are not sure about do Pecans go bad, here are a few necessary details about the shelf-life of Pecans or the answers to How long do Pecans last:

  1. It is widely noticed that Pecans in their unshelled way can be stored for a greater period of time than the shelled Pecans. However, while buying the unshelled Pecans from the store, the date of the packaging must be taken note of. 
  2. If you are thinking about how long do unshelled Pecan last in the freezer, the answer is for nearly about 12 months if stored in the right condition. 
  3. Can you freeze Pecans? Yes, definitely. Storing them properly in the freezer can even extend their shelf-life for another 12 months. Unshelled Pecans retain their quality longer than shelled ones. 
  4. Worrying about how long unshelled pecans last at room temperature? They generally last for a month or two.
  5. However, with proper storage, shelled Pecans remain edible at room temperature for about 6 months. 
  6. Be it shelled or unshelled, Pecans tend to remain healthy as long as they are not exposed to moisture. Hence, with proper refrigeration, you can increase their longevity up to almost two years.
  7. The best quality of these nuts is that despite being frozen and multiple thawing, they tend to retain their original flavor, nutrients, and texture.
  8. Even after defrosting them from cold storage, Pecans generally remain healthy and edible for another two or three months. 

However, despite storing it properly, a foul smell or a crack often keep us thinking is whatif the Pecans go bad. Or, suddenly you find an old bag that you’ve had stored in your freezer months ago, but now you are in a dilemma if they are still edible?

 Spend no more time worrying as here are some tips below:

How To Tell If Pecans Are Good Or Bad?

Do Pecans Go Bad

Now, after knowing, how long do pecans last, you must understand that they need proper, moisture-less storage to retain their nutrition and taste.

Poor storage of the nuts often results in them turning rancid or being eaten up by insects or bugs, thereby making it highly inedible for the human body. 

To understand if the Pecans are still in their best quality, aroma, and taste, keep in mind the following points:

  1. The shelled Pecans can be checked by their weight. If some of them feel lighter, as if empty from inside, you must discard them. They are probably hollow, as the nuts might have dried out in their shells. 
  2. To check if any insect invasion has been there, look for holes or cracks in the shelled nuts. It’s often advised to discard them, but crack them open once, before you discard them. 
  3. Often the unshelled Pecans develop mold or a fuzzy appearance which is a clear hint about them being rotten.
  4. Pecans are known to have a sweet and butter-like taste which turns into a bitter and foul taste once they have got rotten. The rancid odor is also a clear indication that the Pecans have gone bad.

Belonging to the family of nuts, Pecans too, are filled with plant-based oils which if not stored under proper conditions, turn rancid after their exposure to moisture.

But, do you want to store the nuts for a year-long period without having to worry about doing the Pecans go bad?

 Here are some tips on how to store Pecans in the right way.

Storage Tips for Pecans:

Do Pecans Go Bad
Storage Tips for Pecans:
  1. Cut down moisture supply- Packed with oil content, Pecans tend to go rancid once they are exposed to high temperature, moisture, or air. Hence, the best way to store the unshelled pecans is in air-tight containers where no moisture can enter. Remember, moisture is the biggest enemy to the nutritious Pecans.
  2. Low temperature- Want your freshly brought Pecans to have a long shelf-life? Then make sure to store them in the freezer in an unshelled way at a low temperature. The lower the temperature, the higher the chances of your Pecans surviving the time.
  3. Shelled Pecans- The shelled Pecans are already protected by their outer shells, hence do not require freezers for a month or two. However, if you are planning on stocking the Pecans, the best way is to store them in the freezer in unshelled condition.
  4. Thawing- Repeated freezing and thawing of shelled pecans can be resorted to, in order to maintain their flavor and texture.
  5. Insects- Make sure to keep the Pecans away from the reach of bugs or insects who can drill into the shell and have a nutritious feast. After all, you wouldn’t want all your desired nutrients to go to the unwanted insects. Right?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can you tell if Pecans are bad?

Once you notice a foul, rancid smell instead of the sweet aroma, be assured that the Pecans gave gone bad. Also, look for moles and fuzzy appearance on the shells which indicate that they are no longer edible.

2. How long do Pecans last after the expiration date?

Generally, Pecans do not have an expiry date but “best by date”. Hence, even after its expiration date, Pecans can last if stored in the freezer for another few months in unshelled form.

3. Can Pecans be stored for a year?

Yes, they can definitely be stored for a year, provided they are stored in air-tight containers and in low temperatures. Exposure to moisture and humidity is detrimental to the shelf-life of Pecans.

5. What happens if you eat expired Pecans?

 Although consuming expired pecans wouldn’t have an immediate effect on your health, the rancid taste may cause irritation. Nausea and indigestion are some of the side effects of consuming expired Pecans.

6. Are old Pecans safe to eat?

If the Pecans have been stored in low temperature and in air-tight containers, they generally do not turn stale for a year. However, before eating old pecans, check for the signs of them turning bad as mentioned in the article above.

Final Words:

To sum up, these nutrient-rich, flavor-rich Pecans are not just a healthy option to snack and use as topping on our cookies or pies but are easy to store yearlong as well.

With the given tips on storage and signs to check if they have gone bad, what more are you waiting for? Go to the nearest supermarket and buy a handful of these crunchy snacks and store them to relish them for a long time.

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