Are you among those people who feel exhausted in summer again and again? Have to rely on sodas when the scorching heat of summer takes on you? Actually, most people prefer regular sodas in summer when they go out, and some are health-conscious who always choose diet sodas.

Well, you can also preserve sodas either in your refrigerator or in the pantry. Now there is an obvious and inevitable question. For how long you can preserve the sodas?

Do Sodas Go Bad?

Okay! Let me answer you in this article all the questions raised above. You can find solutions in this article for all your favorite soda-related problems.

Can Soda Expire?

Technically, the answer is yes. Sodas can surely be expired. Before beginning your research, do take a look into this. Sodas or carbonated soft drinks are not easily spoilt. They can be safe past the date which is stamped on the soda container. But, it is obvious that the flavor and the carbonation of the soda will definitely decrease.

Do Sodas Go Bad? Truth Or Just A Myth:
Do Sodas Go Bad? Truth Or Just A Myth:

The best you can do is that you can consume the unopened diet sodas within 3 months after the expiry date written on the container, and for the regular sodas, you can drink them within 9 months.

The soda buyer must remember the fact that as long as the soda bottle or the can is sealed, and it is stored in a decent condition, sodas can be last quite a while, even the expiry date is over. Another thing is that as long as the sterile is in the soda, it can’t go bad or expire. There is also a preserver called High Sugar. So, you can see that you actually can consume an expired soda after many years without any danger. 

How Long Does Soda Last Once Opened?

I strongly suggest you not wait too much once you have opened the soda bottle. You may refrigerate the remaining opened soda, but you must make a point of consuming it within two to four days. Why so? Because the drink, whether it is Thums Up, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, or Limca, starts to lose its flavor and carbonation, as I have said before.

Let me tell you if you have already opened a soda, and if it is a tin, the best thing that you can do is to finish the can straight away. If the tin is easily sealable, you may preserve it for a few days more. Thus there is no need to toss the beverage away once the date is passed. Must remember one major rule for the unsealed soda bottle: it has to be preserved in the refrigerator.

How Long Does Soda Last?

So you are a soda lover and bought too many soda bottles. Now worried about the preservation of the bottles? Do you think how long the soda will last? Don’t get stressed. The answer is here for you. 

Do Sodas Go Bad? Truth Or Just A Myth:
Do Sodas Go Bad? Truth Or Just A Myth:

Well, the period of duration of the soda depends on many factors. If the bottle of the soda is unopened, the soda will last for many years.

When it comes to the bottle of Gatorade or any other soda, it must come with best by date which is written on the label. Unknown to the term best-by? Well, it means you should pick the product, or more precisely, the soda, up to within the particular date.

Surely, I never mean that the soda will not last after the date written on the label. As you all know, carbonated sodas are quite popular in the market for their shelf life. You can consume the soda after at least a few months past that date.

Now comes the point of whether you have already opened the bottle. If you did that, I strongly recommend to finish the bottle of the soda within 2 to 4 days.

Another factor that the consumer must know that the soda will last differently in different containers.

How Long Is Soda Good For?

I have explained it to you before. But don’t worry. Here it is again for you.  

Soda is good for you for up to 9 months. A research team stated in The New York Times that you can drink an expired soda without any risk. Even an article, which was about Coca-Cola explained that sodas that are old enough to grow mold are of very little health risk.

Can Soda Go Flat If Unopened?

Oh! Of Course! Sodas can go flat even if they are unopened. Sometimes you just open a sealed can and when you take a sip, you may find that your soda has become undrinkable or flat. It may be due to the loss of pressure inside the can. Loss of pressure causes the carbon-di-oxide turn into gas and escape bubbles. And you know, once you open the can, all the gas will vapor out as bubbles and the soda will go totally flat.

Do Sodas Go Bad? Truth Or Just A Myth:
Do Sodas Go Bad? Truth Or Just A Myth:

Why Does Flat Soda Taste Bad?

Very simple! The carbon-di-oxide turns into carbonic acid. It has a horrible taste for which the tongue can feel the bad taste.

How To Keep Soda From Going Flat In A Can?

Bad luck! If the can is already opened, there’s no way to keep the soda from going flat. But there is a simple but useful way by which you can keep your soda from going flat. You just need to place a small plastic wrap with a band of elastic on the can and your soda will be safe.

How Long Do Soft Drinks Last?

There you go! I have two options for you. If you keep your soft drinks unopened in the pantry, they will last at least up to 6 to 9 months. In the case of the fridge, it is the same duration again.

The second option is that you should consume the opened soda within 2 to 4 days.

How To Tell If Soda Is Bad?

In order to detect the bad soda, you have to follow some methods:

  • First, you need to begin with the bottle or can. Have you found the can or the bottle damaged or leaky? Hold on!
  • Do check on the drink. Can’t find the bubbles? It probably went flat already.
  • Please pour down the drink if it tastes weird.

Is It Bad To Drink Expired Soda?

You may not be sick after drinking an expired soda, but definitely, you’ll experience a difference in its taste. But as it’s the question of your health, I’ll rather say it’s better to inspect the drinks before tasting it or find an alternative. I mean, why take chance when it’s all about staying fit and healthy?

How To Extend Soda Shelf Life?

Just relax and sit back! Sodas are supposed to be preserved or kept under decent and proper conditions. This is the solution for you.

  • Be careful about the temperature. Make sure that it doesn’t change where the soda is placed to be preserved.
  • An unopened soda can be safe either in the refrigerator or even on the counter.
  • Did Soda keep in the plastic tank? Then hurry! Remove it from the light and keep it in a dark place.
Do Sodas Go Bad? Truth Or Just A Myth:
Do Sodas Go Bad? Truth Or Just A Myth:

How Does Soda Expiration Work?

Soda expiration basically is the concept of the loss of CO2 in it. Soda generally fizzes when you pour it in glass, right? That happens because of the concentrated CO2 (Carbon-di-Oxide) in it. As time goes by the CO2 turns into Carbonic Acid. That’s all! There’s nothing else! The maximum thing you’ll see that your soda is making fewer bubbles.

What Not To Do With Expired Sodas?  

As I said above, drinking expired soda doesn’t actually harm your health. But as the taste becomes watery, you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite soda to the fullest. So if you’re searching for soda water to enjoy with friends or to relax on hot summer days, I’ll recommend checking the expiry date on the bottle.


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