“Studies have shown that the consumption of apple cider vinegar helps support heart health and that it is very effective in reducing the risk of heart disease.”

If apple cider vinegar is so effective, we must explore it and find out more details on it, right? 

Here’s a full guide on apple cider vinegar, its storage, consumption use and many more crucial details.

Vividly Vinegar

“Apple cider vinegar improves cholesterol.

Another fact on apple cider vinegar!

Until now, it seems obvious why apple cider vinegar is worth the hype? 

After all, apple cider vinegar is known as the nutrition powerhouse as it has been linked to weight loss and blood sugar control as well.

So many benefits right!

But, do you know, how this magic drink gets prepared?

Let us reveal the making for you!

apple cider vinegar expire
apple cider vinegar expire

How Is Apple Cider Vinegar Made?

Making apple cider vinegar is quite easy and can be done at home too. 

It is made with chopped apples dipped in water and leaving them covered at room temperature until the strands of mother shows up in the cider, natural sugars ferment and finally forms ethanol. 

Then this alcohol gets converted into acetic acid by the bacteria and your apple cider vinegar is comes into existence.

Simply and quick?

But, can you consume it immediately?

Well, that sounds unrealistic and hence needs to be preserved well. But here is the main concern, will it expire, does vinegar get old, for how long can we preserve it?

We know, you need answers many of these questions. But, no fret, this good read will give you all the required information you need.

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Shelf Life and Proper Storage Tips for Vinegar

While it is said that a bottled vinegar can last up to 5 years after opening, it is also observed while testing, in most cases, apple cider vinegar can last even longer than that.

That pretty much clarifies the concern of How long does apple cider vinegar last once opened? But, now, it is also important to know How long does unopened apple cider last?

So, here is the answer for you.

While apple cider vinegar has an almost infinite life, this also depends upon the apple cider vinegar that you are using. Some apple sider vinegar, according to experts, are made specifically to last for a finite time.

Such vinegars can last only up to few weeks or months and must be thrown if they look or smell bad.

With that, preserving it well become even more important.

So, now let’s find out some quick ways!


The best and most recommended way to store apple cider vinegar is in a cool, dark place with an airtight container away from heat and direct sunlight such as your kitchen shelf or pantry.

Many of the people keep it refrigerated, as it’s a common notion and question, does apple cider vinegar go bad if not refrigerated or Does apple cider vinegar need to be refrigerated, Can apple cider vinegar go bad?

The answer is, not really, since it of no use as it does not do any good to the vinegar. it is completely unnecessary to store apple cider vinegar in the refrigerator unless you must use it chilled, the apple cider vinegar in the pantry doesn’t go bad whether its opened or sealed.’

We know, you must be thinking if that even expires or not. So, lets explore more for you!

apple cider vinegar expire
apple cider vinegar expire


So far, we have understood that Apple Cider Vinegar making and preservation techniques already making it simpler and safe to consume. But, the question arises, is it a lifetime drink to preserve and, Can Apple cider vinegar expire?

Well, we have got music to your ears!

It literally takes forever for apple cider vinegar to expire because it has almost infinite shelf life.

So, now you know how long does apple cider last? 

If you want it to, if you don’t finish it up, and as long as almost forever.

But, here is a deal, there are some changes happens and that could prevent you from consuming it.

Want to know?

Here we go!


So, wondering, How apple cider vinegar changes over time?

Apple cider vinegar can undergo aesthetic changes over time. These changes include slight change its taste, texture, appearance any of these and sometimes all of these changes. 

Also, this change in apple cider vinegar happens primarily due to the change in its chemical that happens when it’s exposed to oxygen (like when the lid of the container is not tightly closed).

Furthermore, if Apple cider vinegar turned dark, it means its aging, however, there’s nothing wrong in it and your precious apple cider vinegar is still fit for consumption.

Also, you can see, Apple cider vinegar has stuff floating in it and these brown floating pieces or stuff in apple cider vinegar shouldn’t be a concern since it’s called mother, i.e. pieces of apple residue form which the vinegar is formed/obtained/made.

 Hope, so far, we can omit all your major concerns regarding Apple Cider Vinegar.

But if not, we researched even more and got some commonly searched question.

So, keep reading for complete knowing!

apple cider vinegar expire
apple cider vinegar expire


  1. Does apple cider vinegar with mother go bad?

That depends upon your storage and the quality of vinegar you use. But in most cases, it is safe to consume the apple cider vinegar and use in recipes even if it’s old as it’s not dangerous to consume it when it gets old because such changes don’t really affect the shelf life of apple cider vinegar.

  1. Can Apple cider vinegar make you sick?

Even though it has many health benefits, but apple cider vinegar may also cause nausea if consumed as part of a drink with bad flavour.

  1. Can you use apple cider vinegar to dye eggs?

Absolutely, as contains the same acidity necessary for dying eggs.

  1. Can I use expired apple cider vinegar on my face?

Expired or not, don’t do that if you aren’t too sure about the vinegar because according to cosmopolitan report, any vinegar could become stronger over time and it can burn your skin if it is too acidic. So, it’s a no from our side.

And that’s all folks. Now go and spread the word that you have become an expert in apple cider vinegar theory.


And here’s a clear conclusion that apple cider vinegar is like a vampire who almost doesn’t die. You don’t need to refrigerator it, no special attention to take care of it and don’t have to worry about the stuff floating on it because that’s not a mild.

So, use it freely and enjoy all its benefits as much as you can.


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