Irish cream is as much sweet as it is a beverage. This velvety, rich alcohol elevates mixed beverages, espresso and can even make a lovely scrumptious chocolate sauce, yet what is the amount of Irish cream that you can truly drink in one evening? Would Irish cream turn sour, or do baileys go bad, in particular? And just how are you supposed to store the remainder of the cream? Well, to know all of this, keep reading!


This may amaze a few people, yet Irish cream can turn bad! While numerous liqueurs have an inconclusive timeframe of consumption, Irish cream contains a decent amount of dairy as heavy cream and will ruin likewise.

The timeframe of the freshness of Irish Cream is around two years in the wake of packaging when appropriately sealed, and put away. While Irish cream may not ruin after the long term point, the quality will probably have declined pretty altogether.

The two years’ timeframe of realistic consumption is the suggestion of most makers to guarantee that the Irish cream holds its quality, and so Bailey’s shelf life is quite the same. However, the overall proposal is to finish the Irish cream within half a year. Cream alcohols are considered “youthful,” when they are under a half-year-old, and this is for the most part when they taste the best.

Does Bailey's Go Bad Or Expire?
Does Bailey’s Go Bad Or Expire?


Irish cream ought to be put away in a firmly sealed bottle, in a cool, dim spot. While Irish cream can be put away at room temperature, and as long as the container remains firmly sealed, refrigeration will positively assist with retaining the quality of the dairy in the liqueur, thereby improving its essence, to the extent that it would be possible.

Regardless of whether you decide to store Irish cream in the refrigerator, the container ought to be kept out of warm spots, or from direct bright exposure. On the off chance that the temperature of your house is oftentimes over 70 degrees, you ought to consider putting away the Irish cream in the fridge to forestall spoilage. I hope that answers the question, does Irish cream need to be refrigerated after opening?”


As opposed to popular thinking, you truly should not freeze Irish cream. While the liquor will not freeze, the cream can freeze, which will make pouring the Irish cream a tiresome task. Furthermore, the freezing interaction will shape little ice crystals, and the surface in the cream will vary, after defrosting.

This does not imply that Irish cream cannot be utilized to make frozen yogurt or ice cream! Since the churning will forestall the formation of huge ice crystals, just as keep the ice cream from isolating, Irish cream can be utilized to make a delectable, velvety sweet.

Ice creams made with liquor will melt more rapidly than others, however, the taste is great!

Does Bailey's Go Bad Or Expire?
Does Bailey’s Go Bad Or Expire?

Mentioned below are some of the most recommended Irish cream liqueur for one to try in this lifetime!

  • Baileys Irish Cream: It is Irish cream alcohol – a mixed drink enhanced with cream, cocoa, and Irish bourbon – made by Diageo at Nangor Road, in Dublin, Mallusk, and Northern Ireland. Possessed by Gilbeys of Ireland, the brand name is presently claimed by Diageo. It has a proclaimed liquor substance of 17% by volume. Whether does Baileys expire or not, is a question well answered by manufacturers who claim that it does not happen so, until 24 months.

Baileys & Co. Launched varied flavors ever since 2003, beginning with Baileys Glide. In 2005, the company launched crème caramel and mint chocolate which was marketed in the USA, Canada, and the UK by 2006. By such a boom, Bailey was motivated to inaugurate a coffee variant in 2008, adding a hazelnut flavor two years later.

In 2009, the Japanese and many Europeans were gifted with the flavourful new premium variant, Baileys Gold. With Baileys Pumpkin Spice flavor, Espresso, Coffee Mocha, Salted Caramel to its most recent 2020 Apple Pie variant, Baileys is amongst the best that is out there.

Does Bailey's Go Bad Or Expire?
Does Bailey’s Go Bad Or Expire?

  • Sheelin Irish Cream: A worthy liqueur brand on the industrially effective mix of cream and Irish whiskey. The brand guarantees both chocolaty and cream flavors. It is very well believed to be a private brand, contracted by Spirits and Total Wine.
  • Molly’s Irish Cream: Molly’s Irish Cream Liquor is an exceptional mix of new dairy cream, matured Irish Whiskey, fine Irish Spirits, and regular chocolate flavors. Molly’s uses the freshest conceivable, best Irish cream which is sourced locally from healthy, grass-fed cows.

    On the contrary, it is fresh to the point that it commonly requires just 48 hours from cow to bottle. With a long history in cream alcohol mixing and utilizing cutting-edge technology, Molly’s is seemingly the world’s best-tasting Irish Cream Liqueur.

Does molly go bad? Like most creamy liqueurs which are guaranteed to be fresh for 18 months, Molly’s, likewise Baileys, has a shell life of up to 2 years. It does go bad after a certain timeframe and is advised to be kept at the same temperature it had been when first purchased. Moving it from cold to hot or vice versa might be unlikely for the beverage. It should be best consumed within six months when it is the freshest.

  • Shannon Irish Cream White Chocolate: Complimenting Shannon’s original blend with the finest white creamy cocoa, with a little hint of cappuccino and caramel, vanilla extract, and cocoa. The Shannon Irish Cream delights people with an essence of delectable Irish hospitality, mixed in a martini or devoured on the rocks.
Does Bailey's Go Bad Or Expire?
Does Bailey’s Go Bad Or Expire?


So, that was all about Irish Cream, and various brands. We hope we could highlight the true essence of Ireland and its makers.


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