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We cannot always trust feeding our children the food that is cooked in restaurants for various reason and their health being the number one concern, right?

Then why not cook some delicious, healthy, new and scrumptious chicken recipes at home to keep our kids well fed with nutrients that too with the safety of home cooked food?

And when it comes to making chicken at home, the most important ingredient that is required other than chicken is chicken broth, isn’t it?

Now, while using the chicken broth in various recipes, have you ever taken a pause and thought, what if your chicken broth is not fit for your consumption anymore? What if it has gone bad?

How come this thought never hit your conscious?

 Don’t worry, we don’t hype our readers and leave them hanging with all the questions popping in their mind. 

We come along with all the solutions to such problems and to get your share of solution, you have to continue reading below.

Does‌ ‌Chicken‌ ‌Broth‌ ‌Go‌ ‌Bad: The Chicken Saga

Here are some common and obvious questions that comes in the mind of a chicken broth user that needs to be answered.

Expired chicken broth in a box
Expired chicken broth in a box

Chicken stock shelf life

We know if you are a regular chicken broth user, you would know that it has got a shelf life just like any other food item. But the question is how long does chicken broth last and for how long it stays good and consumable, right?

The answer is 3 to 4 days. Your chicken broth can stay fit for consumption for 3 to 4 days if it is kept in the fridge. but of you are going to freeze your chicken broth, it will hold its best quality for about 2 to 3 months.

Woah! Isn’t it easy and quick to remember?

How long does chicken broth last once open

3 to 4 days. 

How long does frozen chicken broth last? 

Again, 3 to 4 months.

Now, lets move ahead with little more details!

How long after expiration date is boxed chicken broth good?

Expired chicken broth

We know, expiration of any product tells the story of not being good enough to consume, but hey, here is a fact to know!

Boxed chicken broth or commercial chicken broth isn’t packed in any ordinary containers. They are packed and sold in aspect boxes and if you store them properly, they can end up having a longer shelf life than what is written on its pack.

So, it is safe to consume an expired chicken broth for the next five days after its expiration.

Consume it and finish it in between this time span, or loose it forever! All is in your hands.

So, the next time someone asks you is boxed chicken broth good after expiration date

You know what to say and exactly how to explain it to them.

But, how about,

Expired chicken broth in a box?

Well, Chicken broth or stock’s life depends upon various factors like:

  • Is it dry chicken broth?
  • Or in cubes or frozen.?
  • How you use it?
    • how you store your chicken broth majorly affects its expiration life?

So, given all the factors, the quick tip is, If you store it right, you can use your expired chicken broth as well.It has high contents of sodium and hence has got a smaller shelf life. 

Let’s understand it with the help of the table given below.

 Type of Broth  Lasts up-to
Sealed chicken broth1 year (approximately) past the printed date in a pantry
Open chicken broth4 to 5 days in a refrigerator
Homemade chicken broth5 to 6 days in a refrigerator
‌Does‌ ‌Chicken‌ ‌Broth‌ ‌Go‌ ‌Bad?‌ 

So, chicken lovers, tell us, in which recipe you like adding the chicken broth? Which recipe of yours cannot work without some chicken stock added in it? which favourite recipe of yours and your family completely depends upon chicken broth and you don’t even think of making it when there is no chicken broth at home?

We believe it can be yummy chicken soup!

If so, just come along with us as there is more to know!

if you enjoy making chicken soup at home, certainly, little extra quantity is always in mind, however, the concern is, How long is homemade chicken soup good for?

Well, chicken soup is life saviour in winters and tastes the best regardless of who has made it, right?

Storing such an amazing recipe is like the birth right of every chicken soup lover .And music to your ears is that you can store your chicken soup for up-to 4 days in the refrigerator.

Moreover, if you wish to store it longer than that, keeping it in the freezer and freezing it completely until your next use will do the work.

So, ready to enjoy your chicken broth recipes?

And if still want to know if you can you get sick from old chicken broth?

The answer can be either yes or no!

Depending upon your chicken broths condition and the bacteria it might have caught in case it has gone bad.

But the solution to avoid getting sick is definitely there. 

Boiling your chicken broth for about 10 to 15 minutes will kill all the bacteria it has and will make it consumable again and the threat of you falling ill by the old chicken broth will be vanished just like that.

So, keep enjoying your chicken soup and chicken broth meals and always stay updated on the crucial information related to your favourite foods.

How long is homemade chicken soup good for?
How long is homemade chicken soup good for?


Chicken broth is as important as any other chicken dish, because it is the soul of that food and without the soul aka chicken stock, the body aka chicken dish, will be lifeless.


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