We all love lemon juice for its uncountable benefits, right? Well, if you don’t really like it then also you have to admire that it helps in weight loss, digestion, freshening breath, source of vitamin C that is good for our skin, hydration in the body and the list goes on.

Also, there is popular saying ‘When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade’.

On that note, we must say that lemon is indeed important.

But if we get to know that even lemon juice expires or about its shelf life? Or when does it go bad?

If not then don’t worry! Because we are here to answers all these and many more questions related to lemon and its usage, only for you.

So, let’s get started.

How to tell if lemon juice is bad?

Does lemon juice go bad?

Talking about fresh lemon juice, it the lemon is uncut and is kept in the refrigerator then the lemon juice will be completely fine for consumption for the next 4-5 days.

If you are thinking about consuming half cut lemon or how long does fresh squeezed lemon juice last the answer is 2-3 days, if kept in a refrigerator.

Does bottled lemon juice go bad?

A sealed bottle of lemon juice can stay fine for an entire year if kept in a refrigerator, where-as, if the seal has been opened, the lemon juice can stay consumable for 6 months. Opening a sealed lemon juice bottle cut its life to half.

Does lemon juice expire?

              Just like any other fruit, lemon juice does go bad.

               We know this give a quick thought and make us say.,

              Lemon, lemon, don’t go to heaven’.

However, unfortunately, the fresh lemon juice does not come up with a ‘best before’ tag but after 3-4 days, it starts tasting bad and is not fit for consumption and so, a Fresh lemon juice shelf life is definitely there.

While talking about how long does bottled lemon juice last, the bottled lemon juice actually gets expired after its ‘use before’ because its preservatives cannot keep it alive forever and hence it gets expires sooner or later.

Bottled lemon juice vs fresh

Fresh Lemon Juice     Bottled lemon Juice
No preservativesHigh chances of having preservatives
Stays fresh for 1 week    Stays fresh up to 1 year
Can provide you with lemon zest for your desertsDoes not have lemon zest
Requires cutting and squeezing Doesn’t require cutting and squeezing
Its slices can be used for plating and decorationCan’t be used in decoration
You cannot take it to places with you.Very handy and can go places with you
Won’t be fine for long if kept outside the fridge. Can stay outside the fridge without getting spoilt.

We hope the above information has made it clear to you that fresh lemon juice will stay good as long as any other fruit is supposed to be.

But there is a lot more you should know about packed lemon juice. Since it contains preservatives here are a list of few more questions that we answered for you to know your bottled lemon juice in depth and then use it accordingly.

So, continue reading!

What is lemon juice concentrate

Does lemon juice go bad?

In simple terms, the real juice from a fresh lemon is extracted and is processed to evaporate its water content. The water from the juice is evaporated to an extent that only lemon powder is left behind. That powder extracted from the juice is called lemon juice ‘concentrate’ which is added Iin water to make instant lemonade.

How long can you keep lemon Water?

If you are keeping the lemon water in a cool place like refrigerator, 3 days will the longest time it can be stored over there. While if kept outside the fridge but away from the sun, the lemon water can stay fit for drinking for up to 2 days.

Do you need to refrigerate lemon juice?

If you consume lemon juice from fresh lemons, then you ought to store them in the fridge to save them from getting sour and to give them a longer life.

But if you prefer using the bottled lemon juice, you can keep it outside of the fridge if it contains preservatives because then it won’t tase bad due to the heat, while a ‘no preservative’ bottled lemon juice should also be kept in the fridge to keep it in a good condition. Hence, lemon juice must be kept in the fridge.

Does lemonade go bad if not refrigerated?

Yes! Lemonade go bad if not refrigerated.

Lemonade made with fresh lemon juice should be consumed immediately and shouldn’t be stored for more than 1 day. While if you freeze it correctly, it can last up to 3-4 months.


Since we have answered all the possible questions regarding fresh and bottled lemon juice, we hope now you have a clear idea about your lemon juice and its consumption. You can stay healthy by using it with all the precautions, tips and advices we just now provided you.


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