“I only care about my tea, books, music and maple syrup on my waffle.”

So? Reader? We just kind of mentioned above the things we truly care for. What about you? Do you also like maple syrup as much as we do? Are you also one of them who cannot imagine their dessert without some maple syrup on top of it? Does your world also revolve around maple syrup?

Well, if that is the case then you must know about its shelf life and all kinds of important details that a maple syrup lover must know. Oh, what do you mean you don’t have any idea about maple syrup going bad?

Ah! Its ok if you don’t. Because we have got your back by preparing a list of things that are crucial for you to know about your heavenly syrup.

So now, stop worrying and start exploring along with us the world of maple syrup.

My Staple Syrup is Maple Syrup!

So, let’s being with our first set of information for you that includes maple syrup’s shelf life. Read below to know for how long does your maple syrup stays good with you.

  • Does maple syrup spoil?

Yes! Maple syrup does spoil, reader! just like any other food item, it spoils over the time. Even 100% pure maple syrup go bad if not stored properly. If you see any molds in your maple syrup, it means that it has already started spoiling.

  • Can maple syrup go bad?

Although, we told you above that maple syrup can spoil but that does not mean you should start worrying about it.’

can maple syrup go bad?
Can maple syrup go bad?

As we mentioned, it gets spoilt only it its not taken care of.

Talking about if it can go bad. the quality of your maple syrup can definitely drop after years and it might not taste the same as before. But it won’t go bad. it cans stay good for over a year and sometimes even more than that.

Does pure maple syrup go bad?

100% pure maple syrup is just like honey. And just as honey has a very long shelf life, pure maple syrup also has an indefinite shelf life and doesn’t go bad for years.

  • Does maple syrup expire?

No, reader! your maple syrup doesn’t expire. We hope you understand the difference in between a food item getting bad due to wrong storage and getting expired even after taking care of.

Although, the maple syrup bottles come with a best before label on them, they are absolutely fir for consumption even after the due date.

How long is syrup good for?

While maple syrup stays good forever in the pantry if it stays unopened there. But when it comes to the refrigerator, your sealed bottle of maple syrup can stay good for a very long time while the opened bottle of maple syrup will be good for over a year.

how long does maple syrup last?
How long does maple syrup last?
  • How long does maple syrup last?

Your opened bottle of maple syrup will not last for more than two years. If you want to increase its shelf life, you can freeze it in a freezer safe container and can use it as per your needs.

Do you know what is that stuff floating in maple syrup? Not really? Okay then, think about it until we get back to you regarding this.

And now we are heading towards another important aspect of Maple syrup. Any guesses? Yup! It’s about maple syrup’s storage.

Come have a look!

Storing the Evergreen Maple Syrup

  • Does maple syrup need to be refrigerated?

While your unopened maple syrup bottle can stay absolutely fine at room temperature if kept at a dry place away from the sunlight. We suggest you to keep your opened bottle of maple syrup in the refrigerator as it will stay safe and will last longer if kept in there.

  • Does maple syrup go bad if not refrigerated?

Although it is not necessary to store maple syrup in the fridge. it is just a preventive measure against the formation of molds. So, if you won’t put your maple syrup in the fridge, the formation of molds can take place sooner than expected.

Also, if you are already wondering what happens if you don’t refrigerate maple syrup? You already know the answer to this question, right?

And now, coming back to the question we asked you above. Did you find out what is that stuff floating in maple syrup? Those are the molds that form in it after sometimes. Although you can throw your maple syrup when you see those molds. But you can also take them out from the syrup, bring the syrup to a boil and then you can use the syrup again.

Yes! you can do that, it will be safe and the taste will stay intact as well. How amazing is that.


Maple syrup is tasty, pretty, glazy, ageless, and eternal beauty that does not give upon you easily, so you should also not give upon it easily. 

Does‌ ‌Maple‌ ‌Syrup‌ ‌go‌ ‌Bad?‌
Does‌ ‌Maple‌ ‌Syrup‌ ‌go‌ ‌Bad?‌

Also, we can only suggest you what will happen and when will it probably happen, and we can suggest you ways how to stop your maple syrup from going bad. You still have to take care of it and see weather its fit for your consumption or not.


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