“Popcorn is one of the only situations in which you eat the result of an explosion!”

Welcome To The World Of Popcorn

We wonder how many times have you heard the phrase ‘Netflix & Chill’? Uncountable times, right? And especially in this home quarantine situation where you have to entertain yourself with something good to watch on the TV and a bucket of popcorn to munch on, because one cannot chill without popcorn in their hands, isn’t it?

While snacking on popcorn every now and then, thinking about it while watching something interesting or while getting lost in its smell that comes from your neighbouring house, have this question ever hit your mind that can popcorn expire like any other eatables? Or what’s the best time to eat popcorn? How long can popcorn survive before going bad? Or how long is popcorn good for?

We know you have never ever thought about your favourite snack like that, but don’t worry! Since we have put this thought in your mind, we will be discussing every important detail about this heavenly snack for your knowledge.

So, get your popcorn ready cause we are going to put on a show for you!

Let’s begin by answering this easy yet very important question for you i.e.

Does Popcorn Expire?

Does Unpopped Popcorn Expire?
Does Unpopped Popcorn Expire?

Well, reader, your pack of popcorn can definitely expire or go bad if its not kept properly. Specially the microwave popcorn, the oils they contain cuts their life shorter and make them easily prone to getting expired.

Now the very next question that has come to your mind is how long is popcorn good for consumption? And Does unopened popcorn expire? Right?

It completely depends upon what type of popcorn you are having. If you buy a packet of popped popcorn it will stay good for around 2 to 3 weeks. If you eat microwave popcorn, they can stay fine for about 6-8 months without opening the packet. 

While there is another thing you need to know. Everyone can check the ‘best before’ date of a packed popcorn, weather popped or microwave one. But what if the pack has been opened or microwave? How long it can stay fit for consumption? Or what is the popped popcorn’s shelf life?

Well, the shelf life of packet of popped or microwave popcorn drops to 1 week after opening the packet. Its exposure to the air cuts its life short to not more than 7-8 days and sometimes even less than that depending upon the weather of the area.

So, reader, if you have any pack of opened popcorn in your house, het up, grab it and start eating it right now before your heavenly snack goes to heaven permanently.

We can imagine you already eating all the opened packs of popcorn at your home while trying to learn more about them by going through our information. Since you are so much interested in this topic now, and we know you also trust us completely, we have bought answers to some more popcorn related questions for your better understanding about this product.

Continue reading to become an expert in the field of popcorn.

The above discussion must have put so many more questions in your mind like do popcorn kernels go bad or do popcorn kernels expire? Here is the answer to your query. You might be amazed to know how delicately you must handle the popcorn kernels. While they are not really high maintenance, storing them properly is still a very crucial thing to do.

Putting them in the refrigerator is the worst way of storing them. They will dry out in the cold and will go bad. on the other hand, while they must be kept outside the fridge, they must be kept way from heat and in a in a container to save them from catching moisture.

Popcorn kernels might not get expired but can definitely become unfit for consumption due to various reasons. So, your precious popcorn kernels must be kept at a safe distance and packed properly so that whenever you use them, you find them as fresh as new.

Have You Ever Wondered How Bad Is Popcorn For You?

Can You Eat Expired Popcorn?
Can You Eat Expired Popcorn?

You will be happy to know that popcorn is actually a healthy snack for you. Since it has low calorie and high fiber content, and also increased satiety and low energy content all these components make it fit and healthy for eating.

But, there’s always a bad side of anything if you overdo it or do it in a completely wring way. Just like that eating too many popcorns can also be unhealthy and can make you gain weight. Since they have added oils and butter in it to give it that perfect and delicious taste, eating such smacks too much can be very unhealthy.

Not just that but it also contains salt that can result in high blood pressure problem if you constantly munch on them.

So, popcorn is definitely good but if eaten the right amount at the right time.

Well, every popcorn lover would like to know if they can eat expired popcorn or not so that they can save them from throwing away. Now let enlighten you on this ‘can you eat expire popcorn’ theory. Continue reading.

You must know the difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use before’ dates that are mentioned on any packed eatable product. Popcorns usually have ‘best before’ dates mentioned on its pack and that is why it is safe to eat it even after that best before time has passed.

This is because it is made from a cereal which and they don’t cause any harm to our body. Oh, we can see that sigh of relief on our reader’s faces.

Now let’s talk about some freshness and discuss how long does popcorn stays fresh and also how to keep popcorn fresh.

Since there are so many types of popcorn, let’s cut it short by explaining everything through a table.

  Category     Time
Sealed packed of popped popcornStays fresh for 2 to 3 weeks
An opened packet of popped popcornStays fresh till 1 to 2 weeks
Dry kernels of popcornStay fresh for over a year while stays in the best condition for 6 to 12 months
Microwave popcorn sealed packStays fresh for 2 to 3 months
Microwave popcorn open packStays fresh for a week
How Long Does Popcorn Stay Fresh

And now moving on to our last part. Did we think of informing all the popcorn lovers out there about where do popcorn seeds come from? Excited much to know about them? Then brace yourself and come along with us.

Do you know there are six different types of popcorns? You do, right? Well, you will be amazed to know that the cereal from where all six types of popcorns are obtained originates from wild grass. Yup, you read it right. A wild grass that is a kind of a maze which helps in making corn, also know as Zea mays everta scientifically, is found in various parts of the world.

Not just that but there are 3 main components that helps in developing the most favourite companion of todays generation during movies, bone fire nights or while watching a football match on the TV, and these 3 main components are endosperm, germ and the pericarp.

How Long Does Popcorn Stay Fresh?
How Long Does Popcorn Stay Fresh?

So much to know about such a little and light thing. Isn’t it fascinating?


Popcorns need special care, attention and proper storage to last longer and to stay fresh. They might not get expired but they can turn bad for sure which makes us eat them carefully. Not just that but this healthy and light snack shouldn’t be eaten excessively to avoid health issues.


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