“If I could have only one type of food with me, I would bring soy sauce. The reason being that if I have soy sauce, I can flavor a lot of things.”

The Soy Special

You must have heard the name of soy sauce. You must have tasted it as well. Well, there are also huge chances that you might love this thing. But have you ever thought about this sauce differently? 

Like does soy sauce go bad? or is soy sauce unhealthy for you?

We have a list of questions about soy sauce for you along with their answers because we think our consumers must know everything about the product they love so much and use it in their food every other day.

So, bring out a pen and paper and start taking notes because we are about to spill the beans on this so-called multipurpose seasoning known as soy sauce.

Expired Soy Sauce

Let’s first talk about does soy sauce expire and does soy sauce go bad or not?

Since the sauce contains high amount of salt, experts suggest that you should quickly use the content once the bottle gets opened because it can go bad in between 1 to 2 months and will ultimately expire after 6 months of being opened. While a sealed bottle’s expiry date is always mentioned on the bottle so you can check it and use it accordingly.

Expired Soy Sauce
Expired Soy Sauce

This also answers an important question how long does soy sauce last or how long is soy sauce good for i.e. soy sauce stays good for 3 years in an unopened/sealed bottle while 1 to 2 months for the opened one if stored in a refrigerator.

Just like every beautiful thing needs care and attention, soy sauce needs that too. Let’s move forward and find out what kind of care does soy sauce require? 

Refrigerate Soy Sauce

When the storage of soy sauce is concerned, the first question that pops in your mind must be does soy sauce need to be refrigerated? Or maybe does soy sauce go bad if not refrigerated? Are we correct or are we correct?

If you are unsure about these things even after using soy sauce for so long, then don’t worry, because we will help you in storing your favourite saviour the way in need to be stored and for that you need to read below.

You might be shocked to know this,, but soy sauce does not require refrigeration at all. Weather opened or unopened, soy sauce can stay good outside the fridge since it is fermented. It will taste the same even if kept outside but if you wish to keep your sauce for more than 1 year, we recommend you to store it in a fridge to prevent it from losing its taste.

Tell us how this information made you happy. Fridge or no fridge, your soy sauce is not dependent on it.

There are so many people who think soy sauce causes diarrhea, let’s clear out the doubts related to this.

Soy Sauce Diarrhea

While those who take soy sauce regularly become less prone to the digestion problem this sauce can create, soy sauce actually causes diarrhea. It is seen that mostly children react after having soy sauce maybe because they have a sensitive digestion system than the adults.

The sauce contains significant amount amines, they can react quicky in our body and can trigger vomiting and diarrhea if the sauce is consumed in larger amounts. Hence it should be used in small quantities and their regular usage must be avoided to ignore health issues.

That’s sad when we cannot consume our favourite product as much as we can without worring about our health right? Oh, we feel you reader, but we hope you are making all the necessary notes, because health is more important than taste specially when your children’s health is concerned.

Now let’s move forward and explore another variety of sauce because you must know everything about the different kinds of sauces that you use. So, flick through all the information

Fish And Teriyaki Sauce
Fish And Teriyaki Sauce

Fish And Teriyaki Sauce

Have you ever used fish sauce in your food? 

We are pretty sure you have consumed this sauce as well maybe just not as regularly as soy sauce. But since it is also a very commonly used sauce in the US, you must know when does fish sauce expire.

Let us apprise you on that as well.

Reader, if you are one of those who use fish sauce quiet often, then you might be aware with the fact that in our country, there is no legal requirement to have an expiration date for the fish sauce. 

Still the fish sauce producers prefer to put a manufacture date on it for the satisfaction of the buyer because that makes the product reliable to use.

While talking about its expiration, the fish sauce doesn’t expire too soon and can go up to 1 to 3 years without getting bad.

Now talking about teriyaki sauce, let us tell you can teriyaki sauce go bad or not?

Another happy and yummy news for all the teriyaki sauce lovers, this sauce doesn’t go bad soon and can stay good longer than expected since it has a very long shelve life. 

The taste and flavours of the sauce stay intact for years and if you have an opened teriyaki sauce bottle at home, storing it in the refrigerator will keep it perfectly fine and tasteful for a longer period of time.

The Soy Special
The Soy Special


Every sauce has different needs and storage requirements. Although most of them can go for more than 1 year without getting bad, they still need to be looked after in order to use them without any change of taste. Also, all kinds of sauce should be consumed in moderation to avoid health issues.


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