Enjoying your tofu and suddenly get to know, it’s expired? or Thinking to prepare a dish, but worried if the long-preserved tofu is still good to consume or not? Or quick thought of Does Tofu Go Bad making you curious?

Well, every food has an expiry date, and so your tofu has too!

Sad? Yeah, we get it!

After all, it is the best alternative of meat and can boost up your protein requirements, thus, we acknowledge the fact that it is an essential part of your vegan and vegetarian diet.

Considering the same, we understand that you are among these lovers, finding the perfect answer to the most common question and that is, Does Tofu Expire?

So, let us not delay to help you knowing many unknown facts related to this. 

To begin with, let us share the music to your ears!

To be sure if your Tofu Expired, you can take various steps to check if it’s still good to consume or not. And so, stepping in this good read will worth your time.

So, let’s Start to Unroot Every Hidden Facts About Tofu.

Can You Eat Expired Tofu?

When it comes to preservation of food, it is indeed necessary to know the expiry date.

And once you have figured, that it is expired, then being a tofu lover, you still desire to have it and you end up asking yourself, ‘’Can I Eat Expired Tofu’’


tofu expired
tofu expired

Well, if you are able to relate the situation, trust us, the answers will amaze you.

The fact is that you should know tofu expiration date or the used before date on a tofu package is just a predicted date. If you have preserved your tofu in the refrigerator then surely you can consume it for a longer period of time then its expiry. 

Good times started, right!

Keeping in mind the undeniable saying, Good food gives you good health, we would like to share that If you have stored your tofu properly in the refrigerator, then surely you can consume it after its use-by date, but be sure that your tofu isn’t showing any sign of spoilage. 

If you have consumed tofu after expiration date that’s been kept out from refrigeration and shows sign of spoilage, then you may struggle from food poisoning or any other health hazards. 

So, keep your tofu in the refrigerator as to consume it for a longer period of time, until it doesn’t show the sign of spoilage. 

On that note, you must be thinking that How Long Does Opened Tofu Last? 

Well to understand this, here is a point to consider!

When the package is opened, the surface of tofu comes in direct contact with the air, this will create a good environment for the microbe to grow in it. This because an unpreserved food has a shorter life and the same will happen with open tofu. 

If you have opened the package and left the rest part without any presentation method, it will start degrading before its expiry or sell before date. And if stored with proper method then can be preserved for 4-5 days.

Well, now when you know How Long Does Tofu Last! And understand that tofu can go bad, undoubtedly, there may be questions arising in your mind like – When Does Tofu Go Bad? Where to store? How to preserve it for long? 

If you have any of this question in your mind, then surely rolling your eyes below will fetch you some good and effective method to extend your tofu’s life. 

tofu after expiration date
tofu after expiration date

How Long Does Tofu Last in The Fridge?

Refrigerators are indeed a perfect solution to preserve Tofu, however, until when?

This indeed a question of concern!

Well, the exact answer to this question depends on many factors. This factor includes- is the package opened or closed. An open tofu package can stay good for nearly 5-6 days only if stored in the refrigerator with an airtight container.

The below table will help you out where you store and how to store the Tofu.

FreezerWhen stored in the freezer after draining the water completely it lasts long from months to even a year. In an airtight container, it can last from 8 months to 1year.
Refrigerator Approximately 3-4 days.Few days to 1 month approx
How Long Does Tofu Last in The Fridge?

Hold On! We have some good methods to store or preserve it for long. Here are those methods-

1. An Unopened Tofu

 If you haven’t opened your tofu then be sure to check its date of manufacturing or sell before date to have a clear idea about until when you are going to consume it. If you have unopened tofu then you can easily consume it within 2-3 months from the date of manufacturing.

2. Frozen Tofu

It’s been confirmed that frozen tofu can last for months to years. That means you can freeze your tofu for a given it a long life, but it’s advised that the maximum time tofu should freezer is 3 to 4 months. 

Tips- Drain the complete water before freezing to extend its life. 

3. Refrigerated Tofu

This will help you out to store you opened tofu to keep it preserved for 3 to 5 days. To refrigerate it fill up an airtight container with water and place the tofu inside, be sure to change the water on a daily basis. 

These are the well-known and effective methods to store Tofu. If you want to consume your tofu for longer than the estimated date then follows these steps for sure. Trust Me! It’s effective and Verified. 

how long does tofu last in the fridge"
how long does tofu last in the fridge”


After covering nearly everything on tofu’s expiry and preservation, we hope you have got for what you stepped. Well, a good thing never stays long unless preserved, the same with this healthy food. 

Tofu known for its highly versatile nature and good protein content, ask for some effective ways to be preserved that we had listed above. 

Hope this article help you out with all sort of details you were looking about Tofu. Stay Tuned! For more food and health-related good reads. 


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