“Vodka is tasteless going down, but it is memorable coming up.”

Do you like vodka? Have you read the above-written quote? What do you think? Is it true or not? it’s true, right?

So, now, to all the vodka lovers out there, let us ask you some other important vodka related questions. 

Since it’s one of the most popular and loved drink across the world, we hope you are excited to discuss few important things about it with us.

Vodka On The Rocks!

The first important thing includes your awareness of this drink. Have you ever though that can vodka go bad or not? or does flavored vodka go bad? maybe an even important question, does vodka expire

We know you might have thought about all these things while drinking vodka but never dig too deep to get the answers.

So, here we are, presenting you vodka on the rocks with all the answers to the essential questions related to it. Brace yourself, grab your vodka glass and get excited.

Let’s answer these 3 questions briefly yet properly for you.

  • Well, your made in heaven drink doesn’t ever go to the heaven once it’s down here for your enjoyment. Yup, vodka can stay good for decades. Even an opened bottle will stay fine for a very long time.

But we know you won’t let that happen, you won’t keep for that long because that is not what it is meant for, right? 

Does Vodka Evaporate?
Does Vodka Evaporate

It is supposed to be drink and so we will drink it sooner or later. Guess what, we are proud of you for that reader.

  • Although, an unopened bottle of flavoured vodka can last for a few years, open bottle of vodka might not. once opened, flavoured vodka starts to evaporate and so you have to finish it within a year.

Well this also answers the question regarding does vodka evaporate

It does! Flavoured vodka does evaporate after opening but very slowly that you won’t even be able to notice it.

  • Nope! A paradisiacal drink like vodka doesn’t expire. Also, if you are wondering how long does vodka last then the answer is, it can last for like 40 to 50 years without becoming unfit for drinking.

Also, if you specifically have any brand of vodka in mind like does Smirnoff ice expire? Then also the answer doesn’t change. It might taste a little different but will never expire.

‌Does‌ ‌Vodka‌ ‌Go‌ ‌Bad: Storing Vodka

Now let’s talk about another important topic related to vodka. Have storage of vodka ever concerned you? Like how to store vodka or how to store opened vodka? Or maybe something like does vodka need to be refrigerated after opening?

Get ready to make a note of it as a regular vodka drinker must know how to store their love properly.

  • While a major group of people or experts say that vodka must me stored at room temperature just like rum or whisky, but there’s also a big section of people that suggest vodka must be stored at a little cool temperature than the room temperature.

The conclusion is you should not store it in refrigerator but keep it out somewhere relatively cool place to keep it safe for a longer period of time.

  • The same thing applies to opened vodka as well. Opened or sealed, vodka must be kept outside the fridge. 
‌Does‌ ‌Vodka‌ ‌Go‌ ‌Bad?‌
‌Does‌ ‌Vodka‌ ‌Go‌ ‌Bad?‌

Let’s Talk Health

If you are a slightly sensitive person then health must be a constant concern for you. In such a case you might think drinking vodka can make you sick. Or can old vodka make you sick? Or how long is vodka good for consumption? Right, now let’s put some light on these questions for the sake of your health. 

 Well, reader, get ready to receive this good news that expired vodka or even any expired alcohol doesn’t make you sick. An old vodka might taste different than you expect but it won’t make you fall ill.

Talking about how long is vodka good for? We have already mentioned this thing above for a sealed bottle, and now, about open bottle of vodka, it cans stay good up to 20 years which is almost 2 decades.

Surprised much, huh? 

We also have something for our non-drinkers or new–drinkers. You people usually think does vodka taste good or bad? right? Well here is something for you.

Different brands of vodka taste differently. Every flavor and brand adds its taste to the drink and makes it difficult to tell how this drink tastes like.

How Long Does Vodka Last
How Long Does Vodka Last

Also hearing this from people, every person defines its taste in their own way. Some say it taste like a cereal while other says it’s a little creamy.

Do one thing, bring a nice bottle of vodka and drink it in the evening. And then you tell us how it tastes like according to you. what say?


Vodka doesn’t expire. It doesn’t need to be stored in the refrigerator and it won’t make your health go bad. what an amazing and low maintenance drink. Also, you have to define its taste in your own words since its difficult for any other person to do that for you. How about having a bowl of popcorn with a glass of vodka? Try that next time.


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