How do you feel about home maintenance and repairing?

They are necessary and sometimes enjoyable as well. And to make it more enjoyable for you, we are going to inform you about a depot bend that has everything that you require at your personal workshop or garage at home and you don’t have to wander to find the necessary things.

Basically, a place where all kinds of your homely needs are available. Excited much?

 Great! Just hold on to your excitement and have a home depo bend tour with us.

Your one-stop Home‌ ‌Depot‌ ‌Bend‌

Do you know we are not talking about any depot bed but a specific one? Which depot bend is it and where is it located? Here are all your details.

Home depot bend Oregon

The home depot west bend is a chain retailer of home improvement tools, products and other home repairing appliances like renting trucks, purchasing home tiles and kitchen essentials etc.

It is located in Oregon, or 63465 N Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97703, United States, to be exact.

You can do hours of shopping and can spend you whole day here looking for every essential home commodity under one roof.

Just make sure to keep in mind the timings of the store which is form 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. form Monday to Saturday and 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sundays.

Home depot bend Oregon
Home depot bend Oregon

Home depot threaded rod

It has a variety of threaded rods available in the store that can be used as hangers, anchor bolts, claps and U-bolts.

Well not only that but just like we mention you that they have variety of threaded rods, these variety includes variations in sizes as well.

From lengths, diameters and threads home depot metal pipes have a number of options for you to chose from and you can also cut these rods and pipes according to the size you need.

PVC pipe cutter home depot

home depot threaded rod
Home depot threaded rod

You know you can buy a pipe cutter at the home depot, but do you know that they also customise and thread it absolutely free just for their customers?

The extremely accommodating store will make up to 3 cuts per 10-foot length if you also buy the pipe from them.

They also have the best quality of home depot bandsaw for if you need something in your workshop to cut through very thick metals and rods.

It sounds like this place is a heaven for carpenters and plumber and those who like to keep their in-home workshops up to date and with some advanced equipment.

Home Depot Channel on YouTube

Here is link for you for the official YouTube channel of home depot. Watch it to understand what all they have to offer you and then make a visit there as soon as possible.


Always keep information about places that have so much offer you form appliances to services.Also, home depot bend is a brand in itself for you daily needs, visit there to know more about it.


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