It’s not exactly known when super food or genetically modified food came in our way of life; nevertheless, studies recommend that it is there around for 2 millennia. 

Humans have the insight to do so many interesting and innovative things, and creation of broccoli was one of them. Credit goes to the innovators, now we are having broccoli plant. 

How did broccoli come into human being?

A general misconception is there; everything that can be sprouted is natural. Truthfully speaking, it is not that incident because some plants that can be grown now owe their survival to man. It seems that, after so many breeding years, the name of broccoli has been enlisted with the listing of other man-made vegetables.

Thousands of years ago, there were no experimental set up, but the agriculture is as aged as the earth. The population relied on the Agriculture for foodstuff just like now a day.

So, if that’s the case, wondering, if the broccoli is natural or not?

Let’s know more!

How is broccoli made?

Broccoli is the derivative of Italian phrase ‘broccoli’. It indicates the sprouting piece of cabbage. 

We characterise this progress for artificial selection or selective breeding. It also involves the advancement of new vegetation with assured desirable traits. The characteristic does not change from original plant but they are better-quality in that those can bear up certain conditions for natural existence.

The breeding of broccoli was from mustard plant or wild cabbage through an elaborate procedure, selective breeding. 

Let’s know, what is selective breeding?

Selective breeding is basically a multifaceted process which involves isolation of positive aspect of a specific plant for creating a fresh plant having superior characteristics. This process concerned the proliferation of seeds to create broccoli. 

For example, the resultant plant can defend against disease and pest attack. It also stays fresh and healthy for longer time period.

Considering that, here comes another question, is Broccoli considered as Genetically Modified?

This is the common question on most of the people’s mind. Before going into answer, it is essential to be acquainted with that the scientists have developed GMO food in the laboratory and the method differs from the selective breeding.

GMO method involves the alteration of DNA of plant for production of new plants without natural process of reproduction or breeding. Scientifically, alteration and modification of genes helps to introduce DNA elements into a definite part of entire plant. There are so many controversies and doubts regarding safety of these kinds of food products. 

So, Broccoli is not a GMO because it has not been developed in laboratory. Similarly, its DNA has not been distorted to form the new plant.

Is Broccoli beneficial for you?

Broccoli is from the family of  Brassica olerace and yes, it is considered as nutritious and beneficial vegetable. Although it is a man-made vegetable, studies expose that it is a super food .Crops developed by selective breeding are completely safe because of the method which involves propagation and allows nature for taking its course to modify the crop. 

You can cook by steaming it for few minutes and can serve with bread or rice or beef. Furthermore, you can combine with some vegetables for preparation of some salad.

  • Broccoli is highly rich in anti-oxidant and fiber.
  •  It helps to manage diabetes with the control of blood sugar level.
  •  It also provides protein and some vitamins like A, C and E. 

Now, lets move on with another popular ingredient!


Is garlic man-made?

Oh! You won’t believe garlic is also a man-made vegetable. It is the oxide of Ally L. It is quite dangerous. The hidden facts of your body need proper food and nutrition; you are eating natural not to die. Yes! Growing from the ground is not making the garlic natural. 

Garlic: beneficial or harmful poison?

Garlic is mostly used to give some flavour to the dishes and it is touted for having its health benefits mostly by vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists. 

  • It has the ability to reduce blood pressure.
  • It can also reduce blood cholesterol level. 
  • It has some natural antimicrobial effects against, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and several pathogens.

But garlic is a poison for pregnant and breastfeeding women. There are so many effects of having garlic-

  • Garlic does not help to allow wounds for healing.
  • The pH level of garlic is 3.3 ; that is why it can burn and destroy the cells by weakening the cell membrane. 
  • Pregnant and lactating women should keep away from garlic as it plays a key role in accidental abortion with the alteration of the suckling behaviour in infants.
  • Garlic is considered as a rubefacient. If you apply straight to the surface of your skin as oil, it may cause swelling or redness or inflammation.
  • It contains a specific substance which has the ability to penetrate blood-brain barrier or corpus callosum of the brain.
  •  It is a toxin for brain cells and higher life forms.

Pretty Fascinating facts so far?

Well, we are not done yet, we have more concerns for your health and when it comes to health, how can we miss nuts.


Are nuts man-made?

Yes, the modern peanuts are man-made. They are basically the hybridised form of two types of peanuts – i. Arachis ipaensis and ii. Arachis duranensis. 

Both the plants were located so far apart that it was not possible to crossbreed them in natural way. Scientists revealed that the settlers of South America brought the species of Arachis duranensis from Andean valleys for cross-pollination as they migrated into Bolivia.

Are peanuts bad or healthy?

Peanuts are the cardio-protective wholesome food that is popularly consumed and enjoyed. It has so many health benefits-

  • It lowers the risk of cardiac disease.
  • Proteins present in peanuts are majorly responsible to regenerate healthy cells. They also repair the damaged cells. The essential nutrients help to maintain and build muscles, hair, skin, organs and some other tissues.
  • Some varieties have the capability to block aging effect due to free radicals which can damage living body cells and can cause heart diseases, stroke and cancer. 
  • Peanuts are rich in vitamin E helps to provide antioxidants.  

But you have to pay attention to some possible effects of peanuts-

  • Peanuts are considered as highly common food allergen for human. Many people have severe allergies that may happen even after eating small portion of peanuts. Breathing the contaminated air with a very small quantity of peanut’s dust may cause the life-threatening anaphylaxis.
  • Most of the farmers use pesticides and fungicides on the crop peanut because they are highly susceptible to some molds. Thus, the non-organic peanuts may contain very high level of pesticides.

Are these vegetables bad for you?

There are several advantages and disadvantages of selective bred vegetables.


  • Plants can be improved by the process of selective breeding.
  • Selective breeding can create more amounts of vegetables and fruits.
  •  What they make can be easily altered that is why the fruits are completely seedless, vegetable tastes better, and also the corn cob can produce more amount of corn per year. 
  • The vegetables which are selectively bred are not at all harmful. Rather they provide good amount of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.


  • Selective breeding may drive the old plant to extinction.
  • There is a chance of potential genetic mutation occurring which can leave the method useless. 
  • There may be a high risk in random mutation occurring in selective breeding.


Is banana man-made?

The modern form of banana (Cavendish) that you get in local grocery or fruit store is not at all natural. Banana is a hybrid fruit which is  supple yet sterile and tasty.

It is the hybrid of wild bananas- i. Musa acuminata and ii. Musa balbisiana. Musa acuminata species has fleshy inside but very unlikeable taste. On the other hand, Musa balbisiana is tasty inside but it contains so many seeds. Both of them were crossbred naturally in forest of South Asia.  The modern banana is sterile in nature. 

Are bananas good for you?

There are several beneficial effects of bananas-

  • Bananas contain a lot of potassium which helps to manage your blood pressure.
  • It helps to reduce strain in your cardiovascular system.
  • Eating bananas also help in preventing wheezing among children having asthma. Main reason can be the amount of antioxidant and the potassium content.
  • A protein, lectin, is present in bananas. This may help to prevent leukemic cells to grow. Lectin works as an antioxidant. They help to reduce free radicals from our body. 
  • As banana is a source of high fibre, it helps to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes.  It helps to reduce blood sugar level in diabetic patients. 


So, this verdict is now out!  Without having any doubt, you can say that Broccoli is definitely a man-made vegetable which was developed in the method of selective breeding. At the same time, bananas and peanuts are also selectively bred vegetables which we have already discussed.

Without human beings, there is no existence of broccoli! On the other hand, you also give the credit to our nature because these vegetables have been modified after selective breeding for thousand years for developing themselves. 

Well, now it is the time to have some healthy boiled broccoli. 


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