Is Pizza bad for you? I know this very question often haunts you. Nowadays people are very much talking about healthy food, and they do not consider pizza as their diet. So here the question comes, is pizza the most unhealthy food? And the obvious next question that comes is, why are unhealthy foods for you?

If all these questions disturb you often, and you very much want to know about your favorite food, i.e. pizza, then you are at the very right place on the internet. Here I am going to discuss all the health-related questions regarding pizza.

Is Pizza Unhealthy – The Most Asked Question

To hurt your emotions related to pizza, let me disappoint you with the answer. Yes, pizza is unhealthy for you.

You’ll find many varieties of this delicious food item. Among them, your favorite one is the variety you get in fast-food restaurants and convenience stores. But the variety you like the most is the unhealthiest variety of pizza.

It contains excessive calories, unhealthy fats, carbs, and sodium, which is not only unhealthy but also dangerous for your health in long term.

Is Pizza Unhealth
Is Pizza Unhealth

Does Pizza Make You Gain Weight?

If you eat over 70 grams of refined grain products like ready-made pizza daily, and still you’re slim-n-trim, then you’re a super-human species! Because those who eat these kinds of food, tend to gain weight more likely than others who don’t eat these foods.

So if you are a pizza lover, and have at least one big pizza daily, then the fatty tummy coming out from under your shirt is the result of this.

What Are The Harmful Effects of Pizza?

There are a lot of side effects of eating an excessive amount of pizza. Take a look at the list –

  • You’ll gain weight, mostly belly fat, which will make you look ugly.
  • The risk of suffering from heart disease will increase for you.
  • There will be possibilities of worse skin.
  • The risk of cancer attack will increase. Now this is a very serious issue, isn’t it?
  • The chances of stroke will be higher for you.
  • The chances of high blood pressure will increase for you.

Huh! A lot of risks just for one food!

Does Pizza Ruin your Abs?

Does Pizza Make You Gain Weight?
Does Pizza Make You Gain Weight?

Well, if you are a gym freak, and are dreaming of having those sexy abs, then you have to quit eating pizza. You know, pizza and abs do not go hand in hand.

Pizza contains an excessive amount of calories, fats, and carbs which are extremely bad for abs. Do you know that even a single slice of pizza contains 300 calories?

So if you want your abs to come out, say bye-bye to pizza!

What Are the 3 Foods That Make You Fat

I’m afraid that I’m gonna hurt your emotions once again. Because the foods liked by almost everyone, are the key ingredients of belly fat. Here are the top 3 foods which cause a fatty tummy.

  1. Pizza

Despite being one of the most popular foods and the yummy taste, the pizza you get in fast food restaurants is the unhealthiest food for you. It contains high calories, excessive fats, and carbs which causes belly fat. Most of the pizzas here are made of excessive cheese and processed meat, which can cause obesity.

  1. Ice Cream

Ice creams are also at the top end of the list of most unhealthy foods. Ice creams are made of sugar and fat and usually taken after a meal, as dessert. So there is a higher chance of adding some more calories if you intake ice creams regularly.

  1. Soda

Soda or sugary soda does increase the risk of getting fat. A study says that people who put sugary soda in their regular diet, are at a 17% higher risk of getting fat.

Apart from obesity, soda increases the chance of suffering from type 2 diabetes too.

What Are the 3 Foods That Make You Fat
What Are the 3 Foods That Make You Fat

Facts about Pizza

There are many funny statistics regarding pizza you won’t believe! Here I’m giving you the top 5 fun facts about pizza.

  • Americans eat 100 acres of pizza every day! Shocked? Then let me tell you one more thing. People of US eat 350 slices of pizza in every single second!
  • 94% Americans put pizza in their daily diet. That means, they eat pizza every day!
  • People buy over 5 billion pizzas in every single year!
  • People celebrate October as National Pizza Month every year.
  • Women like veg pizzas, where men prefer non veg ones!

How to Eat Pizza?

If you don’t know how to eat pizza properly, here I’m to guide you. Follow the steps given below.

  • Take the knife and fork.
  • Cut a triangular shape pizza out from the bigger round shaped piece.
  • Cut the point end of the triangular shaped pizza, and eat it by your fork.
  • Repeat the process until you finish the whole pizza.
how to eat pizza
how to eat pizza

When Should We Eat Pizza?

Do you want to know what is the best time to eat pizza? Well, the answer is in the morning. Pizza contains excessive fat. And as fat is the source of energy, so if you have your pizza in the morning, you’ll have enough energy to complete your day’s work easily. Taking pizza in the morning will increase the level of serotonin, which is ultimately good for you.


  1. Who are the best pizza makers in the world?

Dominoes. They have more than 15000 units and according to a report, they have a business of more than $13 billion.

  1. What is the most popular pizza?

According to a report, 64% of Americans like pepperoni pizza. So, we can say this is the most popular pizza.

  1. People of which country eat maximum pizza?

Norway. On average, one person here eats 11 pies of pizza every single year. This is the highest amount in the world.

  1. Who invented pizza?

History says, pizza was invented in southwestern Italy’s Campania region, or to be more specific, it is the city of Naples.

  1. Is pepperoni a veg?

Pepperoni is vibrant red in color, and spicy in flavor, which comes from only natural herbs and spices. Thus, pepperoni is 100% vegan.

The Final Words

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world for its yummy taste, though it is unhealthy for you. So remember having an excessive amount of pizza can lead to illness. The best way to be fit is to consume less.

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