We all love munching on pizza, bagels, French toasts, and baguettes, don’t we? Some people consume it due to its taste, portability, convenience, and nutrition, and you are doing the same, a single load of white bread is prepared from flour and water. But one thought might have surely crossed your mind once, and that is-” Is White Bread Bad For You?”

Well, despite its high demand, bread is considered fattening, harmful, and unhealthy.

In this article, we will examine the serious impact of white bread by sharing its negative effects on your health, and some tips to avoid eating them regularly.

So let’s get started!

Is White Bread Bad For You?

5 Reasons To Skip White Bread Right Away

Know three unpleasant reasons why white bread is bad for you, and ditching it is the right choice.

1. Erratic Blood Sugar Levels.

Did you know how much does white loaf have sugar in each bread?

Well, 5g of sugar is present in 100 grams of bread. Furthermore, the white bread contains low protein and fiber and gets digested fast. Thus, it leads to a rise in blood sugar levels.

This sudden spike leads to irritability and causes more problems. So if you don’t want your blood sugar to skyrocket, then eat white bread in minimum quantity.

2. Increased Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes.

You might be wondering, what is the link between bread and diabetes?

As we said above, the blood sugar elevates rapidly, and later on, to push the sugar into the cells, excess insulin is released into your bloodstream.

And if you consume a loaf of bread regularly, the cells may become insulin resistant. Thus, it will make it harder overtime to control the sugar levels in your body.

Some sources reveal that people who consume a limited intake of refined grains and several servings of whole grains per day have a chance of risk of type 2 diabetes.

3. Weight Gain

These days, many people are into a healthy lifestyle, but cannot get rid of white bread completely from their diet. So certain concerned individuals ask, “Is eating white bread fattening?”

Does white toast make you gain weight?

Well, yes it does! But white bread weight gain depends on various factors. We believe that sugar plays a major role in weight gain.

And once you eat refined carbohydrates in large proportions, the sugar content increases in your bloodstream. So many dieticians advise people to use that energy in activities like workouts or else it will get stored as fat in the body.

So the answer to, “Does white toast make you gain weight?” Yes, eating white toasted or untoasted bread in large proportions may lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Some of you are unaware of the fact that white bread is high in the glycemic index, has a lot of sugar, and is highly refined.

One study also revealed that people who ate two to four slices of bread per day were linked to a 40% risk of obesity and weight gain.

The next section will look at the tips of how to keep the mother of carbs, aka white bread, at bay.

Tips For Keeping White Bread Off The Menu

1. Skip The Breadbasket.

Here is one trick to how to eat bread when dining at a restaurant, and that is to skip the bread basket completely.

If you are on a no-white bread diet, then you can politely ask the waiter not to drop the bread basket on the side of your table.

is white bread unhealthy

Doing so will reduce the temptation. And suppose you have a habit of munching before the main course arrives, then you can order some soup, a side salad, or some crudité along with a light dip like hummus.

2. Switch To Other Types Of Bread

Bread is considered a staple food all around the globe. And usually, bread is made from wheat flour.

However, some people use different kinds of flour to make it, and the most common ones are sorghum, spiked millet, oats, corn, barley, and rye. These are mixed with wheat flour to give a nice flavor.

There are different kinds of bread available in the market which are less unhealthy compared to white bread. So let’s have a look at the alternative to the white bread below:

What Are The Types Of Bread?

a. Whole-Wheat Bread

A loaf of whole-wheat bread is also called wholemeal bread, which is made up of 100% extraction from the grain. These days, many health-conscious people are switching to bread made from wheat flour to reap various benefits.

b. Multi-Grain Bread

These types of bread are made from different flours. Generally, flours like rye, all-purpose, and whole-wheat are combined to make the bread. Some also add whole grains to the dough.

Furthermore, depending on the ingredients, a loaf of multi-grain bread is classified as heavy or light bread. Therefore, it is totally healthy for people who are trying to lose weight.

c. Brown Bread

Brown bread is mostly made up of wheat germ, where the bran makes up 10% of the brown bread recipe.

In some countries, white and brown bread are quite similar because producers add caramel to the latter.

3. Eat Few Slices Of Bread In A Day

You must be wondering, “How many slices of bread should I eat daily while losing weight?”

Well, that completely depends on what bread you choose and what quantity you consume. But we will suggest that you avoid white bread at any cost.

Types of breads

We are not trying to scare you!

It is totally safe to eat several slices of bread and still lose weight. The only factor that plays an important role in weight loss is how many calories you consume daily.

And if you don’t like to track calories, then you can eat two to three slices of bread in a day, but avoid eating a whole loaf every day.

There won’t be any negative consequences, so you can go ahead and enjoy your french toast.

4. Make smart swaps.

If you want to remove bread from your diet completely, then you can swap bread with other healthy foods like leafy vegetables as a crust or wraps.

5. Go for Healthiest Varieties

Make smart choices and add pulses, fruits, and vegetables to your diet. In this way, you will get all the needed nutrients and minerals that you were lacking while eating bread.

So these were some healthy tips one can follow to lose weight. Suppose you are a foodie like us and still want to consume one or two slices of bread daily, then eating a sandwich daily may get boring.

Keep reading to find out what can be made from bread.

Fourteen Delicious Food To Make With White Bread

If you want to add white bread to your healthy diet, you can make some tasty recipes out of it. Here we have listed some of the best ones, so do read and try it.

1. Stuff the French bread with veggies for your breakfast.

2. Turn your white bread into a luscious apple dessert.

3. Let the white bread be the base of your cheesecake.

4. Make French toast.

5. Add delicious tomatoes, onions, and cheese on top of it.

6. Make a white bread salad.

7. Garnish your French onion soup with some toasted white bread.

8. And use them to make dishes like meatballs.

9. Classic chicken Parmesan.

10. Make a homemade meatloaf

11. Prepare a white bread stuffing for thanksgiving.

13. Make bread pudding on Christmas Eve.

14. Make hot and tasty garlic bread.

These were some of the best recipes to feed your soul while dieting.

You can make these dishes with leftover bread, so make sure to store the white loaf at the proper temperature. Storing bread at room temperature is essential to help it stay fresh for a longer period.

Some people also store bread in the fridge or freezer to maintain freshness and prevent mold.

Wondering, “How Long Does Bread Last?” Well, white bread lasts three to four days at room temperature and five to seven days if you store it in the fridge.

Delicious food to make from white bread

The Bottom Line

We hope you found your answer to, “Is bread unhealthy for you?” Bread is low in micronutrients, high in carbohydrates, and its anti-nutrients, gluten, and other contents may cause problems for individuals who eat it in large proportions.

Another flaw about bread is that it gets digested fast, and you may feel hungry again after a while. Still, it contains extra nutrients and other stuff that may bestow other health benefits. In moderation, you can try the above recipes and enjoy them with other healthy food as well.

However, it is best to stick to other, healthier alternatives like brown bread or whole-wheat bread for maximum health benefits. Visit our website regularly for more information.


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